Severe Winter Weather Reporting

Revised November 26, 2019

Delay & Closure Announcements

Central Valley Early Learning Center follows CVSD procedures for severe weather reporting. Information regarding a delay or closure will be announced or posted as follows:

  • Phone call and/or text – using the district’s Blackboard Connect automated messaging system
  • Websites - and all school websites: click on “Delays & Closures.” Also on this page is a link to bus route changes and delays.
  • Radio and television stations

Even when school is running on time, buses may be running late as they slow down to travel safely on winter roads. Some buses may follow “snow routes” in the higher elevations of our district. 

Delays & Late-Start Information

If the school district announces a delay of the start of school:

  • Morning preschool classes will be canceled
  • Afternoon preschool classes will begin at normal times
  • All-day preschool will begin at the delayed time
  • Extended-day care will begin at the delayed time

    Example: Extended-day would open at 8:00am for a one-hour delay and at 9:00am for a two-hour delay.
    Example: All-day preschool would begin at 9:30am for a one-hour delay and at 10:30am for a two-hour delay.

Extended-Day Parents Note: Extended-day will be closed when CVSD schools are closed for severe weather. 


We appreciate your patience and assistance in the event of adverse weather conditions.
Your child’s safety is a top priority for our school. Thank you!

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